For the Future - webinar

Due to sudden illness we have cancelled the webinar scheduled on Thursday 29 September.  We hope to reschedule this in a few weeks time. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

Once you can imagine it, it has already become an opportunity!

in collaboration, yhteistyössä, i sammarbete

The languages of the webinar are Finnish, Swedish and English. The talk and the lecture are subtitled in 3 languages, but the most important thing is the opportunity to share ideas and wonder together! The open microphone is in exactly the language you prefer to speak.

Marika Tomu Kaipainen (visual artist, art therapist and curator) will give a speech about participation, the possibilities of us adults, parents and teachers to influence the participation of young people. Marika will briefly present the exhibition Agenda-Art 2030 For the Future, Tulevaisuudelle, För framtiden and it is possible to watch a short video of the exhibition.

Raisa Foster (Ph.D., docent) gave a thought-provoking lecture for teachers at Reason ry's training in 2021. The topic of the lecture was Ecosocial understanding of people and learning. Now you all have the chance to experience her video lecture!

After the lecture, there is a so-called open mic - in Zoom. You have the opportunity to share your views, ideas, concerns and the opportunity to receive new thoughts, ideas and support.

The webinar schedule will appear on these pages on September 20. The webinar is open to everyone, but 30 participants are admitted to the open microphone by registering.

With the exception of the open microphone, the webinar can be followed on September 29 at this link. from 12 to 3 p.m. The content of the webinar is open on September 29. until midnight.

The seminar has a small coffee break and independent artistic tasks suitable for everyone.

Our future needs us all, the future will not just come, it will be made together.

The power of art is to tell us about important things and to open something in front of us that we wouldn't even notice without art.

What does the future look like? We are living in the most unstable time in our recent history in many ways. Big changes are often difficult, but in change there is always an opportunity to change the prevailing situation for the better.

How to grow your own Ecosocial understanding? What kind of challenges do you experience in modern life? What do you think produces an unsustainable lifestyle? And what kind of opportunities do you see and what are the things that could produce an ecosocially sustainable life? Does your own action create good for all life?